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1 Register

We’ll ask for your SSN and date of birth so that WageGoal can connect with your employer’s payroll, allowing you access to your earned wages.

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2 Set up messaging

We'll ask for your mobile number so we can text you status updates about how and when to use WageGoal.

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3Link your bank account

Have your bank account username and password ready, so that you can link your account to WageGoal. This allows WageGoal to build your cash flow snapshot by tracking your transactions.

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4 Confirm or add bills

We know your bank transactions can only tell us so much, so fill in the gaps and let us know about other bills or expenses that you have.

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5 Review your cash flow snapshot and get your FlexWage Paycard in the mail

Once you receive it, call to activate your card. With WageGoal's cash flow snapshot and messaging, you will now be able to access your earned wages when you need them.

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Questions? We're standing by.

Our customer support team is available to answer your questions and concerns. Reach us at

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